We’re Investing in Wakulla County

Highway Expansion

U.S. Highway 319 has been expanded to four lanes, with a completion date set in 2022. Widening this major artery for Wakulla County will improve access for residents and visitors, safety, and traffic congestion. This major piece of infrastructure will improve capacity all along this corridor for future business.

Sewage Treatment Capacity

The county’s sewage treatment capacity will double as an upgraded Advanced Wastewater Treatment facility comes online.

Fiber Connectivity

Century Link, Comcast, and Southern Light provide fiber to the area. Fiber connectivity is available at a relatively low cost in all population centers in the county.


Wakulla County Airport is a county-owned, public-use airport. This general aviation airport is open to the public, although pilots are required to call ahead to be allowed ground access. Tallahassee International Airport is less than 30 minutes to the north.

Commercial Seaport

St. Marks is a commercial seaport used primarily by commercial fishermen and recreational boaters. A new municipal dock was completed in 2016 that expands loading and discharge capabilities.


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